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Snake Crane WING CHUN seminar in India

Trainer - Shifu Paresh Kumar Joshi
No of days for workshop - 3 days
Dates : 27 to 29th August 2018
Time : 10am to 5 pm
Fees of seminar - early bird Rs 6500
You can book by paying 50%*of fees and get discount of *500 Rs
Spot fees will be 7000 Rs
Carriculam of seminar
1) Sil Lim Tau
2) Chain punch
3) One inch punch
4) 13 hands
5) Application of Sil Lim Tau
6) Shoulder relaxation exercise
7) Qi gong exercise
8) kicks
9) basic of Chi Sau
10) drills of Sil Lim Tau

Criteria :
No prior experience required
No martial art background required
No special body conditioning require
you will receive seminar T shirt and Wing Chun wall bag free
For more details contact Sifu Joshi on 9825235266

Enjoy traditional Snake Crane Wing Chun from Hong Kong