Germany Newspaper - 2019 March

Germany Newspaper - 2019 March

Germany newspaper from Rheinpfalz, 27.03.2019

Here the translation of the newspaper article with Sifu Wayne Yung from Rheinpfalz, 27.03.2019:

The tricks have been checked by the grandmaster

Martial arts: Snake Crane Wing Chun is a traditional self-defense technique that has been largely unknown in Europe. Meanwhile, it is also being taught in Grünstadt, where now Grandmaster Wayne Yung was visiting. Claudio Guzman Heckwolf tried it out and talked and fought with the Hong Kong man.
"Grünstadt:" First of all: Nobody threw me on the mat, not even Grandmaster Wayne Yung. In fact, Snake Crane Wing Chun is different from anything I thought I knew about martial arts. The main feature of the sport is that everything is geared to speed and technique, flexible and unexpected strokes determine this sport.
It is Saturday morning, together with 15 other seminar participants, I am waiting for the arrival of the grandmaster. What I can expect is unclear, I don’t have much experience with martial arts. Accordingly, I am amazed how easy and precise Wayne Yung conveys his knowledge. There is a man in his late fifties with a slightly rounded belly and a peaceful aura. The idea of a grandmaster in my head was quite different.
During his Seminar, Yung asks different students to point out his words to practical examples. When he does this for the first time, I immediately notice how his eyes narrow at the beginning of the rehearsal and all the tension drops off of him. In fractions of a second, he moved his hands at great speed and would have his counterpart - if it was a real fight - disabled several times. Impressive!
During a brief conversation, he tells me that he could kill a human in just a second, and with his eyes closed, showed me all the parts of my body that are prone to beatings. Yung is fascinating, admittedly I'm impressed with how perfectly this man understands his martial art.

Why Wayne Yung is examplary of this martial art, explains the teacher of martial arts school in Grünstadt, Thomas Klüh. "Snake Crane Wing Chun is one of the most effective ways of self-defense, which means that physically inferior can compete against muscular and stronger individuals," says Klüh. The concept of martial arts is not to have a lot of power, but to surprise and overwhelm his counterpart thanks to his responsiveness and technique.
Yung emphasizes this by stating that it is not primarily about controlling how one reacts in a fight, but acting and knowing what to do. That the execution of the Snake Crane Wing Chun does not come by itself in such perfection is clear, says Wayne Yung. In order to perform a chain punch perfectly, he practiced for four hours a day for three months. At this point in the seminar, I notice again how the gestures and facial expressions of the Grand Master changed when he relaxes. He appeals to the younger participants that training, training and training are one of the most important prerequisites for mastering this martial art. At the same time, he emphasizes the importance of communicating his knowledge to others, because even when teaching techniques, everyone automatically refines them.
The fact that Wayne Yung came to Grünstadt is partly due to his contact with Thomas Klüh and partly to his desire to make Snake Crane Wing Chun more popular. Because the martial art is indeed represented all over the world, but so far only in individual regions established. In Central Europe, for example, it is taught only in Germany and Serbia. For this, Snake Crane Wing Chun is listed as a cultural heritage in Hong Kong. Amused, Yung shows his attempts to imitate martial arts. For clarity, he shows image excerpts of action films known in Europe, such as James Bond.
It is important to know the tradition and history of a martial art such as Snake Crane Wing Chun and to deal with this, in order to master these better, says the Grand Master. Then he asks everyone to come together in a circle to performe some techniques in practice. In the web Further information on the internet: 
Grandmaster Wayne Yung from Hong Kong (yellow T-shirt) shows his tricks at the Snake Crane Wing Chun martial arts school Grünstadt, while martial arts teacher Thomas Klüh (red T-shirt) with RHEINPFALZ colleague Claudio Guzman Heckwolf practices punching and defense techniques. (Photo: Paul)