Snake Crane Historical Journey

Snake Crane Wing Chun family was invited to Foshan, China by government officials to conduct a historical research and share information about life of SCWC ancestors . It was really a historical journey, not only that SCWC history was confirmed for the most part and new, exciting information were discovered , this was also , probably the most significant historical and cultural research ever conducted in Wing Chun community . It is significant for several reasons. First, this is probably the first serious research conducted by the standards of scientific method. All possible and available sources of information were processed, written and artifacts from museum’s and private collections, living witnesses, ancestral temples and other archeological sites were also visited and information gathered and processed. For the first time a research team was collecting real information and a real historian was involved in a research. One more important thing that happened, a bright example among Wing Chun families is historical, technical and cultural exchange between SCWC, Yuen Kai Shan and Cheung Bo wck families( lineages) which will lead to future cooperation. New interesting facts were discovered and technical research and Kuen Kuit exchange led to several very interesting conclusion regarding ancient history of Wing Chun and its later development.

On 25th October, Snake Crane Wing Chun delegation met Mr. Tang Kwong Man, a retired chief expert of the Foshan Wushu History Research Centre, who discovered the only known portrait of Leung Jan  in Leung Jan’a old house. A lot of Wushu and Wing Chun historical information has been shared. In the future , cooperation between Mr.Tang and Sifu Wayne Yung will be continued

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